Where is the Outrage at Treatment of Caroline Kennedy?

8 Feb

* This passionate letter to the editor of the Daily News (NY) so eloquently expresses the disappointment and outrage many of us feel about Caroline Kennedy’s shameful treatment at the hands of the New York media, and especially, Governor David Patterson and his cronies, who still have some `splainin’ to do. (Read more here: “Watchdog Demands Investigation Into Kennedy Leak”, WCBS-TV, NYC)



Where is the outrage, the regret, the disappointment? OK, so at least some of us didn’t want to be represented in the U.S. Senate by Caroline Kennedy.

Whether it was because she says “Uh, ya know” or used some other slang in her verbal expression, or whether it was because we didn’t want her taking advantage of the Kennedy name, or maybe, we thought she just plain was not qualified — it does not matter! The daughter of a slain U.S. president, a niece of two U.S. public servants, one who was assassinated as he was running for president, deserves better treatment from a crude, somewhat rude press and their pundits. How can we have become so callous?

I was serving in the U.S. Navy on Nov. 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Proud to be doing what I was doing if only because my president served faithfully and heroically as a PT boat commander in the Navy during World War II. At the time of his tragic death, we in the Navy overseas were totally immersed in President Kennedy’s “People to People” program, the president’s own method of spreading American friendship around the world. I was shocked as were my shipmates, as we cruised the Agean Sea, suddenly on high alert, our destination Athens, Greece, for a refuel stop. But for the churning engines the silence was deafening aboard my ship that day, that hour, that moment, that we were given the heartwrenching news.

Later we all watched on TV as Caroline, her father’s little girl, and young John Jr. marched in the funeral procession with their mother Jackie. To us, she was never Jacqueline, just Jackie. She was at that moment our heartbroken heroine — she now belonged to all of us. Grown men teared up as they watched. We regaled in Jackie’s courage and determination and how she had prepared her children to appear in public that day with stiff upper lip.

They all made us proud and we will forever pay homage to our president, patriot, war hero whom I will not forget and a love for his family to whom this country is forever deeply indebted.

We still love you Caroline for the burden of sacrifice you carried as a little girl to where you are now. I am sorry that we did not speak up for you when we should have. I apologize to you for the way you have been mistreated. You should have been able to expect more from us and we should have expected more of ourselves. All done in the guise of news gathering, the old adage “Good men need only to remain silent for evil to flourish” has again reared its ugly head.

There are certain people to whom this country will always be deeply indebted. We now seem to have casually shucked that debt much like we shrug off a minor obligation, our own citizenship responsibility. That is indeed a sad epitaph.

Bob Farnham



3 Responses to “Where is the Outrage at Treatment of Caroline Kennedy?”

  1. moseljack February 8, 2009 at 1:57 pm #

    There is no outrage… There is no obligation to country, to office, to flag or to one’s self anymore…

    Isn’t it obvious? We are all overweight, watch too much T.V., are under-educated, are seriously un-healthy, are medicated to not feel anything, eat food that is designed (and soon to be regulated) to kill us (Codex Alimentarious: Read it!) and we have a half life of active memory that exists for roughly three days (A “News Cycle”)…

    BEFORE OUTRAGE: How can you fix DUMB!

    We have become DUMB… Sorry for the truth but it is in facing or realizing what is wrong, that we can correct the problem at hand. In becoming DUMB, we have a tolerance built up to permit countless injustices today, to permit attrocities to ourselves and to being committed to people around the world. We are fat and stupid and becoming more so as each day ticks past… Well, for many of us at least… For those of us suffering from this malady I pray WAKE UP AND SMELL COFFEE (PLEASE GOD SMELL THE COFFEE!)


    The quote (above) from Mr. Farnham was eloquent, well versed, timely and appropriately spot on (for me at least…) I think that we are at a place in time in our countries’ history and in world history where we will actually make or break…

    There are terribly quagmiristic variables all around us at present. Too many to overlook or hope to go away. There are the economic tsunami’s that are approaching, created by lack of oversight and Republican derregulation and lobbyist partnership on wall street and on capitol hill. As well as Democratic malaise and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s lack of spine to call for justice or an ambulance when the Government was having it’s ass kicked in front of them… There is the governmental wrangling that detrimental damage (yet unknown) will occur from within the U.S. from the Bush/Cheney traitorous manipulations and mechanisms placed as time bombs ready to explode, from the un-adulterated eviscerations they caused to the U.S. rule of law in manipultaing the U.S. Constitution as well as in the internal damage they have caused from 8 years of no oversight in the governmental offices which were run into the ground by administrators who were placed in control of offices that they shouldn’t have been let through the doors of, let alone to administer… There are also the integrity damages we have suffered as over 200 years of the modern world who once looked on us as a beacon of hope and admiration was squandered unilaterally by facsist dictators BUSH/CHENEY, Nazi propogandists and wall street bankers.

    Where is the outrgage for Caroline Kennedy? I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment… however, the greater “Spring-Tide” of outrage I feel that needs to be accompanying the outrage for the treatment of Ms. Kennedy as well as in the Blago-Drama or the Paterson audacity, is the root cause of the ultimate audacity felt today…

    OUTRAGE!!! GOT IT?! ANYONE?!!!….

    We got it… We get it… (Most of us anyway). We need to sum total the “conveinient calamities” we have been made to endure for let’s say just the last 20 years… The Reagan doctrine of trickle down economics created filthy rich micro-empires that didn’t respond the way they were “intended” to and didn’t re-invest as Reagan said they would (responsibly) in their own country. No, instead they got filthy rich and exported our jobs, our pride in U.S. made goods and our middle class to “Most favored trade nations” like CHINA, INDIA and MEXICO>>> Thanks NAFTA (CLINTON). Ross Perot was right, the SUCKING SOUND DID OCCUR AND IT WAS OUR MIDDLE CLASS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!

    The CRIMINAL ELITE were officially ushered in with Bush/Quale and then were turbo charged through a CARLYLE GROUP/HALIBURTON WAR and in follow through with a power and money shell game dependant on our being of high Neitivity in the CLINTON WARS and NAFTA.

    The real damage was done to us and the hostile take over was committed during the 8 years of the illegal presidency of BUSH/CHENEY I & II… Which was ushered in with ENRON and rigging elections, pay for play as mere appetizers and were childs play compared to the carrying out of the New World Order and the North American Union as well as our new currency the AMERO (Coming soon)…

    We find ourselves today in awe… damage status is nearly impossible to calculate, the entire world is as affected as a hornet’s nest being kicked and the fires are raging on many fronts…


    GOOD ONE….

    GOT HOPE?!


  2. Hildegard Lee February 15, 2009 at 5:30 pm #

    Boo hoo…where is the outrage? Please. I want the media to treat Ms. Kennedy as any other political candidate, liberal or conservative. What is good for Ms. Sarah Palin should also be applied to Ms. Caroline Kennedy.
    If one can’t take the heat, they don’t belong in the kitchen.

  3. cathy July 19, 2009 at 8:44 pm #

    You don’t need to like the Kennedy’s to respect the fact that they were, at one time, “The” family of this country. King, queen, prince and princess they were our “royal” family. The country needed a family to look up to and most citizens looked to the Kennedy family. Joe Kennedy was a ladies man, as were his sons. They liked to have the attention of all the women all the time, however, having said that, they did pay the ultimate price for service to this country. The Kennedy family has paid a huge price, especially the John F. Kennedy and Robert Francis Kennedy branches. I have heard some amazingly stupid things come out of the mouths of many of those men and women in the Congress and Senate as well as the Oval Office and they are still looked up to so why treat Caroline with such disrespect. Have you heard Sarah Palin, George W., Chaney or others? I really believe we would be hard pressed in this country to be upset about the way our people sound to the rest of the world with such examples as these.
    As much as I would LOVE to have Caroline as the first female president, I think she has given the most of anyone in the service to this country, except those who have fought and lost their own lives to defend it.

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