“Oswald’s Ghost” Cannot Speak (How convenient!)

14 Jan


Well, it looks like the usual suspects are at it again, making yet another effort under the guise of ”investigative reporting” to convince the American public that there was no conspiracy in the assassination of our 35th president, John F. Kennedy.

Tonight PBS will air a new documentary film, “Oswald’s Ghost.” It’s produced by Robert Stone, not Oliver Stone – an important distinction — indeed, the two filmmakers’ approaches to this subject are worlds apart.

Expect it to be another narrative of Lee Oswald as a troubled loner who somehow miraculously managed to take down the President of the United States at high noon on a busy downtown Dallas street, all by himself. This version of events is likely to appeal to those who prefer the accidental view of history, or who find the very notion of a domestic conspiracy just far too disturbing to even contemplate.

Expect to see more attacks on JFK assassination researchers who have taken the conspiratorial view of history, the late Jim Garrison and of course, Oliver Stone. Expect to see Arlen Specter once again wheezing through his explanation of why that one bullet was so magical. Even Norman Mailer chimes in with a few final words on Oswald.

Oswald’s ghost cannot speak to clarify the record or defend himself. If he could, I somehow get the feeling he would not give this documentary a resounding endorsement.

We present below a preview from (who else?) The Dallas Morning News, where one can always expect to find fair and balanced coverage of anything JFK-related. (cough)


Why one deadly day in Dallas continues to fascinate us

12:00 AM CST on Monday, January 14, 2008

By CHRIS VOGNAR / The Dallas Morning News

How long does it take to exorcise a ghost? This is no garden-variety specter, mind you. It ripped a hole in the center of the country’s universe some 44 years back, then left vexing questions in its wake. It has haunted us ever since.

It pays another visit tonight at 9, summoned by documentary maker Robert Stone. Mr. Stone’s Oswald’s Ghost kicks off the new season of American Experience then hits DVD shelves Tuesday. The film had its regional premiere in November at the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff, where one Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested Nov. 22, 1963.

Ruby moves in for the kill. Dallas Police Headquarters, Nov. 24, 1963

“METICULOUS AND RESPONSIBLE” – So Sayeth the Morning News 

Oswald’s Ghost is a meticulous and responsible dissection of the Kennedy assassination, but it’s also much more. Using archival footage (much of it never before seen) and interviews with the likes of Dan Rather, former Dallas Morning News reporter Hugh Aynesworth and the late Norman Mailer, Ghost examines the unfulfilled need for closure born of an improbable and life-shattering Dallas day. It’s not just a film about conspiracy theories, but an examination of that within us that needs to keep the theories alive.

The driving question, as stated early on by presidential historian Robert Dallek, is this: “How could someone as inconsequential as Lee Harvey Oswald kill someone as consequential as John F. Kennedy?” Doesn’t there have to be a bigger, shadowy answer? Multiple gunmen? Anti-communist conspirators? Foreign governments seeking payback for previous CIA plots? Such explanations help make sense of a senseless act. And human beings have never been particularly comfortable with that which doesn’t make sense.

So Mr. Stone takes us through various conspiracy theories, engaging some, dismissing others. Jim Garrison, the former New Orleans district attorney played by Kevin Costner in the controversial JFK, goes in for a thorough and convincing drubbing, with some suggesting that he forever set back the efforts of more reasonable theorists. We see a young Philadelphia lawyer and Warren Commission junior counsel named Arlen Specter explain the “magic bullet” theory,” and we’re confronted with the unsettling but undeniable notion that the late ’60s zeitgeist, soaked in distrust and the blood of two Kennedys and a King, made conspiracy seem like the only logical explanation.

Mr. Stone achieves something greater than nuts and bolts here. He explores the qualities that make us want to fathom the unfathomable. “The real shock was philosophical,” explains Mailer, “as if God had renounced his sanction from America.” It’s a shock from which we haven’t really recovered, though Mr. Stone renders our attempts with quietly poetic flourishes. At one point he shows the covers of various conspiracy books slowly spiraling into the abyss of a black screen, a bottomless pit of irresolvable frustration and grief.

Some of the images are as familiar as your morning commute. You’ve seen the mobs of tourists that flock to Dealey Plaza during all seasons. They stand and get their pictures taken with loved ones. They look for the spot where it happened. It’s a fairly ghoulish enterprise when you think about it, but the place has some kind of magnetic pull. They all crowd around as if they’re looking for something. But what do they expect to find?

And are they all that different from the rest of us?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is one document PBS will not show you tonight — one of many showing that Oswald in fact worked for the CIA, under cover of ONI. He was also an FBI informant, information J. Edgar Hoover was not ignorant of. Facts are stubborn, if not inconvenient, things.)

Oswald was a CIA agent, under cover of ONI  

* Assassination researchers have yet to reach consensus on the authenticity of this document.  If it is genuine, however, it only serves to confirm the long-suspected — that Lee Harvey Oswald had been a government agent for at least six years, working for a variety of intelligence agencies. If the document is a fake, you’d have to call its creator a genius.

Here is a link to another blog that discusses the validity of the McCone/Rowley document in great detail.


12 Responses to ““Oswald’s Ghost” Cannot Speak (How convenient!)”

  1. Burlwig February 4, 2008 at 6:59 pm #

    There’s a new book on the assassination due out this month from The Harvard University Press. The title is THE ROAD TO DALLAS and it is by David Kaiser who has a Harvard Phd. He claims to advance the case for conspiracy using the recently released government files. Sounds fascinating! Hope you will check it out.

  2. Joe Schmo October 25, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

    October 25, 2009

    To: Mr. Leon E. Panetta Director, Central Intelligence Agency
    From: Mr. Sean Patrick McGann Agent/Coordinator, Operation Mockingbird
    Subject: Intelligence Report for Operation Mockingbird

    While in Paris Island in 1996, I was interviewed for the Yankee White Program. I exited the Marine Corps in 1997 due to an injury. It is to the best of my knowledge that my purpose thereafter was to become a police officer for the Collingswood Police Department in New Jersey, learn the ins and outs of police work, and then begin my first objective for Operation Mockingbird. The following is an overview of my objectives and findings for Operation Mockingbird:
    In November 1997 I began working for the Collingswood Police Department in an auxiliary capacity. I learned the job inside out for it was a non official cover for future endeavors.
    In February 2002 I began my duties as a full time police officer for the department. I had participated in every police related course I could. I am confident that I know the job well and consider myself a veteran.
    In December 2006 I was arrested for a crime of which I did not commit and have the understanding that I was improperly charged purposely and knowingly by other candidates from Operation Mockingbird.
    In August 2007 I was placed into the Camden County Correctional Facility in New Jersey and have the understanding that I was to monitor the mistreatment of inmates. I made contact with Corrections Officer Sweeten who identified himself, properly (via secret phrase), of that of a candidate from Operation Mockingbird. For his involvement, I formally request that he be commended for his actions in regards to this operation.
    While incarcerated, I was mistreated as an inmate. A former female aquaintance of mine had betrayed me and became romantically involved with a corrections officer of whom had me incarcerated. That officer had advised other inmates that I was a police officer and put me in harms way.
    It is to be noted that correctional officers in that facility are using mind maipulation tactics to have inmates attack each other and other corrections officers.
    I was released prematurely and was rearrested in February 2008.
    In July 2008 I met with a suject who is confirmed to be the Port Richmond Bank Robber I was unable to obtain intel on the subject for I was released prematurely again. I have all of the pertinant information of which will lead up to the apprehension of that subject if you so desire.
    My function in Operation Mockingbird is simple. I was to infiltrate a corrupt police agency and see how far they were willing to go with their corruption. I was then to use their tactics against them and attack them civilly. Upon completion of this operation I will have successfully aquired a healty sum of money through the civil courts and am willing to donate the money at the Agency’s descretion. In return for my participation, I have the understanding that I will have the Rank of a Marine Gunnery Sergeant E-7 (Yankee White) with my choice of assignment within the Marine Corps. I formally request that I be placed withing a cryptologic element in the Central Security Service. I had already contacted the Commandant and requested the waiver.
    My mission is not yet complete for I have until December 21, 2012. It is in conjunction with the Mayan calender. That date will be one day short of six years from the date of which I was arrested and it is the last day for the Statute of Limitations on my civil suit.
    It is to be noted that others involved have stolen my police academic achievements and I believe that they had given them to a Sean McGann of whom works for the Lockheed Martin Corperation. He may be attempting to enter the Federal Bureau of Investigations under false pretences. With his college and experience with Lockheed Martin and my Police Academic Achievements he should have no problems obtaining a position of authority.
    Along with Sergeant Sweeten, I request that you commend Edward Correl (Yankee White Marine)for his participation and role within Operation Blackbird. Their proficiency with a tacit assignment cannot go unnoticed.
    I also had broken a cipher which indicates that there will be another attack on November 9, 2009. It was planned by those who had planned the initial 9/11 attacks. I have knowledge that someone with my name had threatened to blow up a Federal Building, perhaps it’s the individual with Lockheed Martin. I AM NO PATSY.

  3. Sean McGann January 20, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

    I have no knowledge of the above document or statement. If I were to have knowledge, I would include that the Sean McGann who works at Lockheed Martin is not the only Sean McGann who would be using the certifications. Thomas Garrity may have intended to provide numerous people named Sean McGann with police academy certifications of another for the purpose of having them (Sean McGanns) to falsley obtain police careers throughout the country and Garrity was to receive a cut of their salary. Major Sean McGann of the Oregon National Guard would also be a person of interest if such a report, to the Driector of the Central Intelligence, existed.

    Sean Patrick McGann 153-64-7964 Honorably Discharged USMC 1997
    Police officer for 9 years.
    CIA AIP and NOC 13 years.

  4. Sean McGann January 20, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    Kennedy was shot two times and only two shots were fired. The cold bore shot went low and the second shot was on target. He was shot from approximately 600 yards away for your cold bore shot is off 1 inch for each 100 yards from where you are firing. The gun that was found killed Kennedy. There were only two shots fired and only one assassin. Case closed.

  5. Anonymous February 13, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    Although the above may be authentic, Oswald never took a shot. He was a “Patsy”. Oswald may have been behind the scope of the suspected murder weapon however he was not the shooter, McGann makes a good point with his cold bore theory. Its the best one we’ve heard yet. If you ask me, McGann has information about the murder. He must be using an alias. No one gives their SS# unless they are either posing as that person or their credit is that messed up that they don’t care.
    The movie “Shooter” is exactly what happened to Kennedy, minus the electronic rifle. Bob Lee Swagger is Lee Harvey Oswald.

  6. Anonymous February 13, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

    Sounds like the McGann from Oregon intends to make the other a “Patsy”. Quite ingenius. Oswalds Ghost will, in fact, win that battle. Publisher: You know what you are talking about.

  7. sonja rochelle boles February 24, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    I believe the children / widow of RFK should be ashamed of themselves, as Bobby loved his wife and kids very much, and for them to just brush under the carpet what happened to him is disgusting and tragic.

  8. Moreover, the comment, “Sonia Rochelle Boles” on Oswalds Ghost” I have never seen a “Ghost” (Per Say) I don’t believe in them. If I did see one I can assure you I’d never ask it over for “Tea and Crumpetts” at the Hilton. Nor would I be too keen on the Idea of ablyging Jack the Ripper if he asked me to lend him one of my Kitchen Knives from my cutlery set…

  9. Joseph Church November 30, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

    This is all ridiculous.

  10. Joseph Church December 9, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

    Lee Harvey Oswald was observed on the ground level during the assassination. There are pictures to prove them. On Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory they showed a photograph of who they said was George HW Bush, however it was indeed Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald was a government spook. He was in the capacity of a Master Special Officer with the Secret Service. He did do this nations dirty work, but killing a President was never on his mind. Find out the whereabouts of Oswald’s look alike during the time of the shooting of President Kennedy. Maybe you’ve heard of him; Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock. With this bit of information you can close this case, if you can prove this true. Carlos would not care if he were found out. Trust me, he was NUTs.

  11. J.J. Bugs January 12, 2012 at 9:02 am #

    My friend thinks he captured the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald on camera at the TX School Book Depository last week. I posted the pictures here. http://duckduckgrayduck.com/2012/01/11/is-this-the-ghost-of-lee-harvey-oswald/

  12. Leoma Lau July 13, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    Fine way of telling, and good piece of writing to get information regarding my presentation topic,
    which i am going to present in academy.

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