Kennedy Visits Clinton Country

21 Oct


In light of his recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy and rumors that he may be a contender for her Senate seat if vacated, the timing of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s visit to the heart of “Clinton Country” in Arkansas this week doesn’t seem entirely accidental.

RFK Jr. appeared at tonight’s Slate 60 philanthropy conference at the Clinton School of Public Service, co-sponsored by Slate Magazine, the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Clinton School. (Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled at the conference for Monday)

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Kennedy’s attendance at this exclusive, invitation-only event was the other guest speaker on the bill this evening: none other than New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

In the event that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, Gov. Spitzer would appoint her Senate successor in 2009. And right now, all eyes are on Bobby Kennedy Jr. to be the next junior Senator from New York. Many believe he wishes to reclaim the U.S. Senate seat once held by his father, and that he could easily win the contest in the general election.

This was Kennedy’s second visit to central Arkansas in a week: in addition to tonight’s conference, he also spoke at Henderson State University on Oct. 17th.

RFK Jr.’s attendance of the Slate 60 philanthropy conference this evening put the wraps on a long week of public appearances, court proceedings, and nonstop travel. On Wednesday, Kennedy presented his closing argument in the Spelter Smelter court case against DuPont, which has kept him busy down in West Virginia for the past month. Kennedy won the case; a jury awarded nearly $200 million in punitive damages to local residents who were poisoned by DuPont’s pollution. (DuPont says they plan to appeal the verdict.)

The next day, he was back in “Kennedy Country” to speak at a Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change kick-off event in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

(See related story: “RFK Jr. Harassed by Cape Windbags at MA Event”.)

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