Keeping Up With the Kennedys

28 Aug


The Kennedy Clan, circa early 1960s

CAPTION: The Kennedy clan at Hyannisport, circa 1963.

Many of you have been Kennedy supporters all your lives. Some of you may be old enough to remember when young Jack Kennedy was a Senator! You might recall when John-John was born. Maybe you responded to JFK’s inaugural call of “ask not what your country can do for you,” and entered public service to do what you could for your country.

You remember the Cuban Missle Crisis firsthand and lived to tell the tale to your grandchildren. You’ll never forget that day in Dallas. Or Los Angeles five years later.

Through the years, you’ve stayed politically active and fully engaged in your duties as a citizen. Maybe your inspiration in part comes from a sense of helping to complete important work that Jack and Bobby started nearly 50 years ago. You’re still committed to those ideals of fairness, justice, and peace.

You also most likely have kept up with the Kennedys, staying informed on news and maybe even a bit of irrisistible gossip now and then. In more recent years, the internet has made it possible to do research, engage in political activism, and network with other like-minded individuals all from the comfort of home. It has also created communities and forums where Kennedy fans gather to share stories, ideas, and information.

One spot we recommend is the Kennedy Family Forums, a great place to find news and information about all of the Kennedys, and to interact with others who share your interests. Chances are you’ll always learn some fascinating new tidbit here you didn’t know before! (Is it really true that Jackie O. wouldn’t allow Caroline to have that piece of pie after dinner because she worried Caroline was getting too fat?)

Anyway, happy reading. See you in cyberspace.

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One Response to “Keeping Up With the Kennedys”

  1. Susanne H Silverstein September 14, 2007 at 3:07 am #

    It’s been a while since I visited here. Is there any movement from RFK yet? I have a hunch that if/when he does announce; it will be very dramatic and at a popular event. Right now, this election COULD BE HIS. None of the candidates of either party are doing well! Scandal all over the place, recent scandal pertaining to campaign ethics.

    I am also wondering if some “real time” rallys would be possible. I wish somebody had organized at Univ. of IA; gotten folks there attending his speech to wave banners, sing, (we need a campaign song like Jesus Jones “Right Here Right Now”.) Folks giving Bobby A HUGE ROARING, THUNDEROUS, standing ovation and having that sque into a 15 min. non-stop demonstration of love and enthusiam for our man.

    Perhaps now that school has started, the list owner or another could contact various Young Democrat Clubs at our countries Universities. Have them organize their students for Bobby’s speech. We do need to back him at all his upcoming speeches. Time to motivate our man to ACTION! Now is the hour.

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